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Guelph, Ontario, Canada

When did you start?
I got started shortly after my twelfth birthday – I'm 28 now. Graham Price

Why did you start?
At a very young age, I had a keen interest in the outdoors and woodworking in general. I can still remember hammering pieces of wood together in kindergarten. On my twelfth birthday, I received a book on how to carve a decorative decoy. I really wanted to be able to create a carving like I saw in this book, so I gave it a shot. It looked absolutely horrible. So bad, in fact, that it won the Decoy Carving Forum's Best of Show for the Worst First Carving that was held 6-7 years ago.
(Oh my gosh, Graham....I totally forgot about that contest...hehehe - Lori)
I never got discouraged though, as each carving seemed to be a drastic improvement of the next.
(GREAT attitude!)

If you compete, what level do you compete at and what category?
Since 2004 I have been competing in the Open level. I feel that I've been labeled as a decorative duck carver – which is fine. Although it's probably the main category I carve in, I do carve in almost every category (ie. IWCA, Shorebirds, Songbirds and Miniatures). Hoodie

Favorite specie to carve?
I hold a special spot in my heart for the Hooded Merganser.

Favorite specie to hunt?
There is a hunt that I like to go on almost every year in Mid-November, following a cold front, where the divers from up north are coming through. These divers are hooded mergansers, lesser scaup, common goldeneye and buffleheads. Hoodie detail

Most memorable win?
To-date, I would have to say that it was the 2004 Worlds where my hooded merganser came first in its species and third in diving duck in the Advanced Decorative Floating category.

Favorite Show?
There are so many good shows that I like for different reasons, but if I had to pick one, I'd have to say the Canadian Nationals. It's a show that is in the shadow of the Westlake show, often falling on the same weekend. It's a stiff competition and definitely a show for the decorative carvers.

Who started you - mentor(s)?
My parents noticed that I was developing a strong interest in this hobby in my early teens and signed me up for classes with a local carver, by the name of George Gunn. Since then, I have taken classes from Victor Paroyan and Larry Barth. I also cannot answer this question without mentioning Pat Godin as a mentor to me. Pat only lives about 40 minutes from me and I will usually visit him on a semi-annual basis for a critique of my carving and to see his latest work. Green Winged Teal Drake

Favorite medium? (Type of wood and paint)
Tupelo and Chroma paints.

What are you working on now? Future plans?
I am currently in the planning process of my next carvings which include a Dunlin, a miniature pheasant and a decorative smew.

Favorite style of carving ( Decorative, antique, gunners, IWCA, shorebird)
I'll stick with my label and say the decorative, although I feel a bit more relaxed doing an IWCA bird. With the IWCA birds I can have more fun with the painting and less worrying about the finer details of carving.

If you could add three birds to your collection, what specie and from whom?
Pat Godin full-sized decorative grouse, Kent Duff decorative Wood Duck, Keith Mueller Gunning Black Duck

Most difficult part of carving in your mind?
I have probably come across one of my most challenging carvings - a decorative miniature pheasant, which I've promised to do as a commission. The challenge lies, not with the bird, but with the habitat surrounding it. It has to be simple, but effective and accurate.

Name 5-10 essentials for carving
1) A good mentor
2) Fine tip paint brush
3) Airbrush
4) Chroma Paints
5) Aves Sculpt Apoxy
6) Teardrop Ruby bit
7) Micro-grinder
8) Draw knife
9) Pencil
10) Shadow, Highlight and translucent painting


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